About Scott

Welcome to Take Photos, Leave Footprints

I’m not sure how you stumbled across the site but now that you have it’s my job to make sure that what you find is interesting , inspiring, and makes you want to become a regular visitor, and contributor, to the site in the future. My name is Scott, and I have a passion for travelling, visiting new destinations, and experiencing new cultures. Over the course of my 30-odd years, I’ve managed to visit over 100 countries and territories and, thanks to the regular international travel I undertake for my work, and holidays with my wife, family, and friends, that number grows each year.

This site is the culmination of those experiences and it aims to provide inspiration and information to those who visit; enabling them to make the best use of their precious holiday time, gap year, life break, or long-weekend.

A little About Me


In my, somewhat, younger days

I grew up outside of London. My summers incorporated the family’s annual vacation, and throughout the year, my friends and I organised weekends away whenever low-cost airfares and hostels afforded us the opportunity. It wasn’t until a month-long expedition circumnavigating Iceland that the travel bug truly bit hard. This led to trips to Africa and South America in between university terms. I wanted my career to include travel opportunities, and so I chartered a career as a Public Sector Reform Adviser in the Aid Sector and moved to Washington, DC (which explains my predominantly English writing style but occasional Americanized spelling and grammar).

Now I’m back in London with an American wife in tow, and my job takes me around the World. In any month, I could travel to any combination of countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, the Pacific, Europe and Latin America. My holidays are similar – my wife and I like to vary continents each year and to push our holiday allowance to the limit. This has taught me it’s possible to travel the world and visit new places with just a limited holiday allowance and a whole lot of desire!

A Little About The Site

Like most people who work a full-time job, my holiday allowance is limited, and I guard it like my life depends on it (which to a certain extent it does – or at least my sanity does). With that mindset, I set up ‘Take Photos, Leave Footprints’ as a resource for any like-minded traveler who is short of research time but full of desire to travel and experience what the world has to offer. I hope that the site takes away the research burden on the average traveler, leaving them with more time to find inspiration and enjoy the travel itself. To achieve that goal I provide:


  • Destination Reviews that highlight key cities, and my must-see/must-do activities and tips.
  • Inspiration pages that focus on certain genres of travel including safaris, overland journeys, multi-country and multi-center holidays, weekend European getaways and hiking trips.
  • Practical travel tips that focus on a wide range of travel topics including airports, airlines, best-of guides, food and drink, travel and photography equipment, etc.